Airbrushes Recommended For Applications

Airbrush Recommendations

There a just a few examples of airbrushes that you could use based on airbrush applications


Illustration & Fine Art

Illustration and fine detail airbrushers traditionally work on pieces with small surface areas and use finely pigmented paints or ink. Airbrushes tend to be gravity double action models with smaller nozzle systems

Recommended Airbrush Model Include: Harder & Steenbeck Infinity Solo, Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline fPc 2 in 1, Harder & Steenbeck ALplus 0.2mm, Hansa Topline 381, Badger 105 Patriot, Badger 105 Patriot Arrow, Sparmax SP-20X



For broad applications of colour on models single action airbrushes suit perfectly. To achieve super fine detail on small scale models and miniature figures you will need a gravity feed fine detail airbrush

Recommended Single Action Models Include: Sparmax PA-100, Badger 200, Badger 350

Recommend Detail Models Include: Harder & Steenbeck Ultra, Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2 in 1, Harder & Steenbeck Silverline Solo, Badger Velocity, Sparmax SP-20X


Airbrush make-up paints are generally thicker than normal airbrush paint so airbrushes with medium sized nozzles with small gravity cups are recommended. The reason for this is that they can need a wider range of spray patterns and prefer not to have a large gravity cup blocking their line of sight.

Recommended Airbrush Models Include: Finespray AB-186, Sparmax SP-35, Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline M, Harder & Steenbeck Evolution CRplus Twin Action


Cake Decorating

Mostly used for wider coverage but also finer detail for more advanced cake decorating

Recommended Airbrush Models Include: Sparmax GP-50, Harder & Steenbeck Evolution 2 in 1, Badger 105 Patriot


Spray Tanning

This application requires the use of a large nozzle sized airbrush or a mini spray gun

Recommended Models Include: Sparmax DH-825, Sparmax DH-810


Body Painting

Body painting is similar to make-up applications but on a larger scale. We recommend an airbrush with at least a medium size nozzle. Gravity-feed airbrushes are fine but suction-feed models hold a larger capacity and offer quicker colour changing, Also consider a mini spray gun to lay down the base colour and an airbrush for detailing and highlights.

Recommended Models Include: Harder & Steenbeck Colani, Harder & Steenbeck Evolution CRplus Twin Action, Badger Crescendo, Sparmax DH-810


Custom Automotive

Many custom automotive airbrush artist’s use gravity feed airbrushes with fine to medium nozzles that have larger cup capacity as this application involves detail work and coverage. As custom automotive projects can have their fair amount of hard to reach areas some artists prefer a side-feed airbrush so that they can adjust the position of the paint cup as needed.

Recommended Airbrush Models Include: Harder & Steenbeck Evolution CRplus 2 in 1, Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CRplus 2 in 1, Badger Renegade Krome, Badger Renegade Spirit, Badger Renegade Rage


Suction feed airbrushes with medium to large nozzle sizes are perfect for T-Shirt airbrush artists as they are looking for good coverage and want to be able to change colours fast.

Recommended Airbrush Models Include: Harder & Steenbeck Ultra X, Harder & Steenbeck Evolution X Solo, Harder & Steenbeck Evolution X 2 in 1, Badger Crescendo, Badger 150, Badger 155 Anthem


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