DeVilbiss Spraygun Cleaning & Servicing


The Spraygun Shop are pleased to offer a cleaning and servicing option for your DeVilbiss spray guns.


We have 2 ex DeVilbiss employees with over 30 years experience assembling & repairing all models of DeVilbiss automotive refinish guns and are recommended by DeVilbiss UK for this service.


For a set fee of £60 inc vat plus return delivery cost, we will strip down and clean the gun in our ultrasonic cleaner, check for any air and fluid leaks and replace fluid gasket/seals, needle packing and air valve seals.


*Price for 2 or more guns will be discounted to £50 each*


Damage to the air cap, fluid tip and needle will be assessed along with the spray pattern performance and any additional parts required will be discussed before continuing.


Gun Models include – DV1 / PROLITE / GPG / GTI PRO / FLG5 / SRI PRO / JGA / ADVANCE HD


All enquiries please email or call 01202 622579



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