DeVilbiss Clean – Anti-Static Wipers (Box of 12)

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Single-use treated wipes to eliminate static between refinish coats.

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DeVilbiss Clean – Anti-Static Wipers (Box of 12)

With plastic panels and components being an intergral parts of every modern vehicle, replacement is often the fastest and most cost-effective route to repair.

New, unprimed bumpers and plastic panels carry a static charge, which attracts dust and dirt particles. If these particles are not removed this could results in paint defects caused by static imbalance and additional time spent polishing or reworking the bumper.

The Anti-Static Wipers assure better metallic orientation by reducing the static charge, which can cause metallics to orientate incorrectly and can be used before and between basecoats, and before clearcoat applications. Static charge impedes the flow of clearcoats and is a contributing factor to “Orange Peel”. Creating a neutrally charged surface with the Anti-Static Wiper allows clearcoats to flow as it was intended for a better finish.


  • Reduces dirt imperfections on plastic parts caused by static
  • Lint free
  • No VOCs

Easy To Use:

  • Improved metallic orientation from reduction of static charges which can cause metallic to orientate incorrectly

Directions For Use:

  • Note: For best results, the wipe must make contact with the entire surface area to be sprayed. Use Dry Only.
  • Carefully wipe the entire surface to be sprayed with the DeVilbiss Clean Anti-Static Wiper
  • For best results, use even, firm, overlapping strokes as if you were spraying the surface
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Additional information

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Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 cm
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