DeVilbiss DV1 Limited Edition BASECOAT Old School Gun – Digital Gauge with Gravity Cup *IN STOCK NOW*

£734.00 inc VAT

*Due to high demand this limited edition gun requires 8 weeks to be delivered from Devilbiss*


Whatever your choice, Old School or New School, these two limited edition DV1 guns not only give you an exclusive design, but also all of the control, performance and finish quality you get from the DV1 – the most sophisticated, intelligent spray gun on the market today!

OLD SCHOOL features the classic vigilante design


Click PDF for DV1 service manual and spares list 

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DeVilbiss DV1 Basecoat Spray Gun – Non-Digital Version

The Devilbiss DV1 Basecoat Spray gun looks different, because it is! Very different in fact. Everything is new. New ergonomics. New air cap design. New fluid tip technology. New co-axial air valve design. No other basecoat gun is built like it. Redesigned from the ground up. Precision engineered. This is the spraygun for the professional refinsher who demands precise colour matches, seamless transitions and blends and superlative metallic orientation and control.

New Generation Gun Body

The DV1 gun body features reduced profile and a smoother, streamlined design to create a well balanced gun with the right feel in the painters hand, providing more control, less fatigue and a spray gun that is easier to clean.

Revolutionary Air Cap

The new DV1-B and DV1-B PLUS air caps represents the next generation of atomization performance. These new HVLP air caps deliver high efficiency performance but at HVLP pressures, producing a smooth, fine finish even with the most stubborn basecoats. The DV1-B and DV1-B PLUS air cap is suitable for both water based and solvent based materials.


The new front end of the DV1 features an improved air and fluid management architecture to create superior atomization performance and to meet the requirements of spraying the most challenging basecoats on the market today. The DV1 produces perfectly balanced and consistent spray pattern to achieve precise colour matches, seamless transitions and blends and remarkably smooth finishes.

Innovative Fluid Tip Design

The DV1 features an overhauled fluid tip design, replicated through an expanded fluid tip size range, to tackle a broad range of coating types and flow rates in all climatic conditions. The new design dramatically increases the air velocity at the tip while maximizing fluid suction through the gun, yeilding an increased and more stable fluid flow for better colour reproduction – particularly with the latest low viscosity basecoats.

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Additional information

Weight 1.99 kg
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 13.5 cm
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