DeVilbiss GTi Pro Gravity Feed Spray Gun


The NEW GTi Pro Gravity Feed Spray Gun – More Choice and More Flexibility

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DeVilbiss are very pleased to announce the introduction of the new GTi Pro spray gun platform for 2016.

Listening to the customer feedback is at the core of what DeVilbiss do and it became evident that end users distinguish their spray guns for different applications and materials by colour. DeVilbiss have therefore introduced two new colours to the GTi Pro range with a vibrant blue and the ultra tough, black “Quick Clean” coating. Along with the standard Pro gold DeVilbiss have harmonised the colours with the full size GTi Pro to create a new i-System Pro spray gun family.

The BASE and CLEAR laser marking has been removed making it simpler for the end user to allocate a spray gun to a specific application or material other than Base and Clear, such as direct gloss, wet on wet etc. For example, the new black ‘Quick Clean’ anodised spray gun could be used for base coats, gold for clear and the blue for those tricky metallic silvers or wet on wet. The choice is yours!

And to go that extra mile for the end users, each spray gun kit comes with an additional fluid tip creating added value and more flexibility to the end user. This reinforces the DeVilbiss ‘Intelligent Atomisation’ strategy, reduces part numbers and confusion with the number of kits that are available. All guns are fitted with a 1.3mm fluid tip and kits are available with either a spare 1.2mm or 1.4mm tip.

As well as harmonising the colours DeVilbiss have also taken the world class atomisation from the GTi Pro Lite and incorporated it into the GTi Pro giving it the latest atomisation technology from DeVilbiss. There are now only 4 air cap options across the range, the T110, TE10, TE20 and HV30. Again, helping to reduce complexity and inventory.

The SN-69-K sprayhead from the Pro Lite has also moved across to the full size GTi Pro platform which improves the spray pattern stability and provides identical spray performance to the Pro Lite. DeVilbiss have also fitted aluminium components to the GTi Pro range making it even more comfortable and lighter in the hand, reducing the weight from 600gms to 500gms.

Air inlets on both GTi Pro Lite and GTi Pro spray guns are now aligned (SN-9-K) and therefore sharing the same inlet pressures for atomisation performance. Please note that the air inlet pressure on the GTI Pro for the HV30 air cap will become 1.75 bar.

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Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 13.5 cm
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