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SKU: SA-101401 / SA-10142420


The new Sagola 4600 is much more than an enhancement of our best gun; it is the culmination of decades of innovation and excellence in the world of paint spraying. Equipped with the revolutionary Dynamic Flow Technology (DFT™) and the reliability of Metal to Metal (M2M™), the Sagola 4600 sets a new standard in terms of efficiency, comfort, and performance.


Ultra-fine atomization and less overspray for an industry leading transfer efficiency.


Stable fan pattern, uniform from top to bottom, for precise colour matches, seamless transitions, and blends with easier overlapping.

Uniform Painting:

Its uniform distribution of metallic particles ensures a flawless finish in every layer, even in difficult colors such as metallic, silver, and pearl.

Ergonomic and Effortless:

Designed to offer maximum comfort, the Sagola 4600 allows for professional finishes with minimal effort, thanks to its lightweight and balanced design.

Dynamic Flow Technology™:

Dynamic Flow Technology (DFT™) harnesses the ambient air around the aircap allowing the Sagola 4600 spray gun to provide a flawless finish even at lower working pressures.

Experience enhanced performance with the Sagola 4600, featuring greater fan stability, superior atomization, and a uniform fan pattern from top to bottom. Benefit from less bounce back and overspray, allowing for a more precise application with easier overlapping. Say goodbye to painting defects like shadowing, patch coats, and striping, as the Sagola 4600 ensures an even paint distribution, perfect for challenging base colors such as metallics, silvers, and pearls.

Metal to Metal Technology (M2M):

With fewer joints and wear parts, M2M™ technology ensures easy maintenance and low costs over time, offering reliability and robustness in every application.

Choose Your Ideal Model:

SAGOLA 4600 BASE: The ultimate gun for all types of bicolor paints, with easy color matching and HVLP performance in an “EPA compliant” gun.

SAGOLA 4600 HVLP: Ideal for applications with high air volume and low pressure, offering the fastest HVLP system on the market and maximum overspray reduction.

SAGOLA 4600 CLEAR: Specifically designed for clearcoats, single coats, and high-quality OEM finishes, with ultrafine atomization and minimal overspray.

SAGOLA 4600 CLEAR PRO: Perfect for high-gloss finishes in varnishes and single coats, with Premium mirror finishes and maximum control.



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Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 13.5 cm
Nozzle Sizes

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Air Cap

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