SATA Spray Gun Handling Techniques DVD

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SATA Spray Gun Handling Techniques DVD – D1BL02

Refinish expert Brian Lynch conducts a comprehensive clinic on the complete line of Sata spray equipment, including the inner workings of spray guns, how to adjust them, how they’re made, design features so we can use them better for conventional and custom effects, and much, much more. Geared for beginning to professional painters, this information is not available anywhere else.

You?ll learn:

  • Sata selection of guns and gun kits, including:
  • -The SataJet 3000 RP (reduced pressure)
  • -The SataJet 3000 HVLP
  • -The Sata MiniJet 3000 HVLP
  • -The Sata Graph 3 Airbrush
  • The principal of the vacuum and how a siphon works
  • Anatomy of a spray gun
  • Sata’s disposable gravity-feed cup system
  • How to achieve a variety of spray patterns
  • Overlapping techniques
  • How to spray large and small areas
  • Components of a good compressed air system
  • Moisture and contamination control with Sata’s filtration systems
  • Air pressure regulation
  • When to change a filter
  • The right gun for the job
  • Fittings
  • Air adjusting valves and regulators
  • How to properly clean spray guns
  • How to disassemble and assemble spray guns
  • Safety issues
  • The necessary tools for use with spray guns
  • Use of coarse, fine, and extra-fine spray gun filters
  • Disc and cartridge filters
  • How to adjust for the desired spray pattern
  • How to achieve fine to coarse atomization
  • How to achieve even delivery of paint and spray patterns
  • How to perform flood checking
  • How to achieve and maintain correct transverse speed
  • How to perform airbrush-like effects with spray guns
  • How to render gradations/color fades with spray guns
  • And more!

Running Time: 48 Minutes

Region: 0

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